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Important questions Center10 helps you answer:

  • Does your organization have its finger on the pulse of your industry, the economy at large and emerging trends?
  • What actions are needed to equip your organization to stay abreast of,and respond to, emerging trends?
  • How can you define a competitive strategy and plan to get to, and stay, at the top of your industry?

Taking Action:

  • Center10 drives strategy from the inside out : We will not retreat into a cave, but will spend time with you, your team and internal and external stakeholders to truly get to insights
  • Listen and analyze : A combination of interviews, focus groups, surveys and data analysis, we access employees’ insights into the company’s strategic goals and future possibilities
  • Focusing on Value : Meeting with leadership, experts, and where possible your frontline, we gain an understanding of their vision of the future, and encourage them to consider how value is being delivered to the consumer
  • Challenging Assumptions & Facilitating insight into Options : We combine data, and varied perspectives into scenarios, and use workshops that help examine assumptions, prompt thought, discussions and decisions
  • Action planning : drives teams to agree on goals for strategic projects going forward, establishing specific work streams, timelines, outcome objectives and ROI metrics and advising on project management.
  • Incentivizing : work with leadership on communication planning and incentive design to give all divisions a sense of purpose and importance, so that everyone will participate in a more integrated effort.

Looking outward :

  • Connections and partnerships : Through her rich network of contacts, we locate subject matter experts and high-potential leads for new projects through meetings with internal and external experts
  • Mapping probabilities : In consultation with appropriate experts, we map out the probabilities of where key industry trends are headed to boost your organization’s awareness
  • Expertise : We identify innovation spaces, assembling Innovation Advisory Councils and programs to deliver innovation. We utilize social media and technology platforms that can activate broad networks to drive innovation

Case Study in Strategy:

As part of the effort to build a systematic focus on business innovation, Roopa worked with a pharma company to identify a diverse panel of experts across key stakeholder groups (payors, venture capitalists, researchers, technologists) who also brought a variety of global perspectives (US, Asia, etc.) to the table. Having identified and shared the vision of open-ended but provocative dialogues with the company’s key leaders and general managers, the innovation panel and innovation forum turned into a space where internal groups were pushed to reconfirm or test their own assumptions around spaces for innovation, appetite for innovation and highest potential areas for collaborative innovation efforts. For what was minimal internal effort, this forum generated a dialogue that provided the company with specific next steps around investments and public-private collaborations that drove project work and productive outcomes for the company

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