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Frame your personal development like a strong company would define its direction – with precision as well as open-ness to new emerging information to get to a better future

Important questions we helps you answer:

  • Strategy : Do you know where the world is headed, and how your talents and capabilities are best utilized in the emerging new world?
  • Communication : What is it about situations that some of your best ideas are not heard or aren’t driven to their best conclusion?
  • Processes : Are you open enough to flex to the needs of operational priorities and innovative ideas?
  • Culture : Have you established norms and expectations that drive the best results for you, your teams and your organization?
  • Taking Action:

  • Center10’s approach to Executive Coaching is built around a core Strategic Frameworks, with Insight on Personal Preferences and Leadership Orientation wrapped around: This is a methodology called Yourself as Enterprise TM.
  • Providing coaching and frameworks so individuals can use the same tools and approaches companies use to set themselves up for success
  • Looking at yourself as a dynamic combination of capabilities, skills, affect and preferences/ psychological drivers – what industry and culture will bring out the best in you?
  • Case Study in Strategy:

    When a VP at a major financial services firm felt “stuck” in his career, he reached out to Roopa for a discussion. In a series of in-depth sessions, Roopa and her client dived into a few models of evolution that raised a few options:

  • Identifying key content and behavioral capabilities that could be fortified for ongoing success within and beyond using Myers-Brigg and Firo-B assessments and 360 interviews with his supervisor, direct reports and peers
  • A review of the client’s “degrees of freedom” on learning new industries and functional skills, geographical flexibility and scenarios of the future
  • Identifying key trends and the probability of them coming to pass, and constructing career scenarios
  • The client was motivated to build out his network, took leadership in a non-profit, and then came to the conviction that the evolution of the financial services industry did not provide him a vision of the future that matched his core goals. He has since relocated to a leadership role in a Green Industry that has increased his functional responsibilities, with a larger team, and with significant upward mobility options for his career.

    * Certified International Coaching Federation Coach, abiding by ICF Ethics

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